One or more of the following things can happen if you do not pay support as ordered:

  • You can be held in contempt of court. The party receiving support will have to file a Petition for Rule to Show Cause which is basically asking the court to summon you before it and ask you to show cause whey you should not be held in contempt of the Court for violating the support order. After you are served with the petition and order to show cause, you will have too attend a hearing and show why you should not be held in contempt. If you are found to have violated the support order, the Court will issue an order holding you in contempt and ordering you to pay the child support arrears within a certain time or in monthly payments along with your monthly child support. If you fail to abide by the Court’s order, you can also be incarcerated.
  • Your payments can be automatically deducted from your pay through a payroll deduction order.
  • Your wages or social security benefits can be garnished.
  • Your driver’s license can be suspended.
  • A license, certificate, registration, or other authorization you have to engage in a profession, trade, business, or occupation in Virginia can also be suspended.  Funds in any bank accounts you have can be seized.
  • Your state and federal tax refunds can be seized.
  • A lien can be placed against your personal and real property to satisfy the child support debt.